CMD-LANGUAGES offers adults, teens (12+) and high school groups from around the world the opportunity to improve their fluency through immersion while enjoying life in Spain in a safe environment in Trobajo del Camino, San Andrés del Rabanedo (population 25,000), just outside León (population 462,000) about 30 minutes from the mountains, 2 hours by train from Madrid and a little over an hour from the beach.


Our friendly, small-town language school is owned and managed by an Iowan (USA) who first came to León for a high school year abroad in 1995, settled down in the area some years later after university and founded her own translation and language education business in 2006.  The Spanish Stays program is staffed with native Spanish teachers and activity leaders with international experience who all know what it's like to embark on such an adventure.  Trust and quality are their top priorities.


We work hard to ensure all of our participants have a memorable, rewarding and fun time practicing their Spanish skills with the locals through organized Spanish language and culture classes, Spanish buddy activities, Spanish dance classes, Spanish cooking classes, sports with Spanish coaches and teams (basketball, soccer, tennis, padel...), market visits, walking tours, tapas rounds, rural adventure activities, traditional Spanish games and more.


In order to take best advantage of this experience, most of our language immersion students stay with carefully selected local families who are pleased to share their homes, treating participants like members of their own family.  All of these host families are subject to background checks and home audits and must go through an orientation process which includes providing clean police records.  At least breakfast and the evening meal are shared with the families.  In some cases, lunch is provided at a nearby Spanish restaurant serving homemade food and, in other cases, with the families.


Mornings are usually reserved for Spanish classes with certified native Spanish as a foreign language (ELE) teachers in our classrooms based on modern, learner-centered communicative methods with a lively, enjoyable approach.  Although some practical classes are organized after lunch with students engaging in assignments like interviewing and surveying the locals in nearby parks or interacting at small shops, most afternoons are filled with walking tours, excursions, cultural and sports activities or gatherings with specially chosen Spanish buddies (locals of the same age as the participants interested in sharing their culture with visitors from abroad).

Adult Spanish Language and Culture Program

Enjoy an exciting and enriching experience learning or improving your Spanish skills taught by native teachers and participating in organized activities with locals in small-town Spain.  It's the perfect self-development opportunity.

Teen Spanish Language and Culture Immersion Program

Give your child the gift of a lifetime - the chance to improve their Spanish language skills in a safe, immersive environment in small-town Spain all while gaining a deeper understanding of others and enhancing their self-confidence.

High School Group Spanish Language and Culture Mini-Stays

Have a wonderful time fine tuning your Spanish skills as a teacher while your students get the opportunity to practice what you've taught them in a real-life context in small-town Spain through a well-organized immersion experience.

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